Designer's Choice Side Piece

T217-1A  white urn.jpg
T217-1A  white urn.jpg

Designer's Choice Side Piece

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Product Information:

The Designer’s Choice side piece will vary from the photo so that one of our professional designers can choose their favorite mix of flowers in order to create a beautiful and unique design. Please note that because this is a “designer’s choice” item, this spray may not include the same flowers or colors seen in the sample image.

Typically this piece is to be placed next to an urn, but it is also a great option if you are looking to place flowers next to a guestbook or framed photographs.

*Urn not included

Standard: The arrangement will resemble the image as shown in size and amount of product used.

Deluxe: The arrangement will resemble the image shown but will include either more product or higher quality stems to enhance the bouquet.

Premium: The arrangement will still resemble the image, but more flowers will be added and higher quality stems will be selected.